Dynamic Tier

Magento 2

Set product tier price as a percent or as a fixed discount of its price, mass update tiered prices

Note: For Magento 2.2.x versions, since the percent tier exists in core Magento, this extension only introduces the "mass update tier prices" functionality.

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Set the product's tier price as a percent or as a fixed discount of its base price

Save yourself time and effort with Dynamic Tier extension! There is no more need to change the tier prices of every individual product when the base price changes. Simply set the tier price as a percent or as a fixed discount of its base price and if the base price changes, the tier will keep the same percent / fixed discount.

Percent Discount Tier

If you want the customer to save some percent amount (eg. 10%) on purchasing a tiered quantity of products (eg. 3), using Dynamic Tier all you need to do is to set the percentage amount (in our example 10%) and the tiered quantity (in our example 3) and you will be safe that the tier discount will remain the same after a possible future price change of the product.

Fixed Discount Tier

If you prefer to give a customer a fixed discount (eg. $5) on a tiered quantity of products (eg: 4), just set the desired fixed discount (in our example $5) and the tiered quantity (in our example 4).

Mass update tier prices using Magento Update Attributes

Out of the box, the Magento Update Attributes feature doesn't support tier prices mass update. With the Dynamic Tier extension you can do it. Percent discount, fixed discount and the native Magento fixed price for tiers is supported.

Special Price

The extension acts exactly like native Magento - it applies the tier price on the base price and then checks whether the result is lower then the special price. If yes, the tier price message will show up on the frontend, otherwise the tier price message wont show up on the frontend. After that, the price of the custom option is applied (if there are custom options).

Custom Options

After calculating the final price (the lower between tier or special price), the code will add the price of the selected custom options on top of the final price. This behaviour is the same as the native Magento behaviour.

Supported Product Types

The extension supports all product types that has the possibility to set fixed tier price. This includes - simple, virtual and downloadable products. Bundle products are not touched by the extension since they only can support a percent discount (because they might have relative price changes due to their option choices). However, the extension allows to change bundle percent tier prices through the Magento Update Attributes. Configurable and grouped products don't have the possibility to set tier prices, since their prices depend solely on their children prices.

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