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Additional Promotions M2

Additional Promotions

Additional Promotions

  • Create a variety of promotions and coupons
  • Create BOGO, Buy one get one half, 2+2 promotions
  • Discount cheapest / most expensive item in the cart
  • Create grouped/bundled discounts
  • Create "Get $Y on each $X spent" promotions
  • Base cart rules on customer attributes, order history, and product custom options
  • Display product badges and banners in the category pages, product listings and product pages
  • Display the discounted prices of the individual items in the mini-cart and the cart
  • Display upsell messages in the cart and invalid coupon message, to increase promotion awareness
  • GraphQL support
Compatibility: Magento CE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x, Magento EE 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

Free updates

60 days money
back guarantee

Free installation

90 days free support

100% Open Source


Enterprise +$100
10 Hours Of Custom Development +$100 ? You get 10 hours of Magento 2 related development done by our professionals. For the Enterprise edition - this is included in price.
Number of Licenses: 1

Free updates

60 days money
back guarantee

Free installation

90 days free support

100% Open Source


Increase sales with variety of new promotions and coupons!

The extension adds 26 new action types to the shopping cart price rules. With those new actions you can create the following promotions:

  • BOGO - Buy One, Get One
  • Extended BOGO - Buy X and Y, Get Z
  • Product Bundled Discount
  • Quantity Step - Each Nth, 1+1, 2+3
  • Get Y$ for Each X$ Spent
  • Discount Step - First N with 10% discount, following M with 20% discount
  • Cheapest / Most Expensive item in cart
  • Category Tier
  • Get Discount after M items Added

Create special promotions for your customers using the variety offered by Additional Promotions Extension for Magento 2!

The discounts on the individual items as well as the total discount and the subtotal including discount are displayed in the mini-cart

Display the discounted prices in the mini-cart and the cart

The extension displays the price before and after the discount in the mini-cart and the cart. That way, the customer knows exactly how much discount he's got on each item in his cart.

The extension also displays the total discount amount in the mini-cart, as well as the subtotal after discount.

Display product badges and banners in the category pages, product listings and product pages

Inform your customers about the ongoing promotions by showing them badges/ribbons and banners in the product categories, product listings, and product pages.

Product badges/ribbons are displayed in the category
Product badges/ribbons are displayed in the features products listing on the homepage Product badge/ribbon is displayed in the product page Product banner is displayed in the product page
The Magento mini-cart with a hint message saying that the customer can now add a t-shirt with a 50% discount
The Magento mini-cart with a hint message saying that if the customer will add $39 to the order he will get a 3 for 2 promotion applied

Upsell Cart Hints

Display hint messages in the mini-cart and the cart, telling the customer what steps he needs to perform in order to get his discount.

When running a promotion in your store, it is very important to be able to hint the customer along the way about how to accomplish the promotion. Using the "Upsell Cart Hints" functionality, you can easily do this.

The feature allows you to hint the customer about BOGO, N+M, bundles and all the other "Additional Promotion" actions. It is also able to hint the customer when some of the Magento core conditions are not met, in order to complete his discount.

Example #1

The ongoing promotion is "2+1 on t-shirts". The customer adds one t-shirt to his cart. The Upsell Cart Hint will show up in cart, telling "Add one more t-shirt, to get the next t-shirt for free!"

Example #2

The ongoing promotion is "Buy for $100 all over the store, to get 20% discount on bags!". The customer adds a watch worth of $55 to his cart. The cart subtotal is now $55. The Upsell Cart Hint will show up in cart, telling "Add $45 worth more products, to get 20% discount on bags!"

Example #3

The ongoing promotion is "Buy t-shirt, get short for free!". The customer adds one t-shirt to his cart. The Upsell Cart Hint will show up in cart, telling "You can now add one short for free!"

Display cart hints on invalid coupon

Display hint message in cart, once an invalid coupon was applied by the customer. The hint will tell the customer what actions he needs to perform to make his coupon applicable.

Often happens that the customer applies a coupon in his cart, forgetting something small to make it work. The customer than will get the misleading message "The coupon code is not valid." Using the "cart hints on invalid coupon" feature, the customer will get a hint message, guiding him about what items he needs to add to cart, in order to make the coupon work.

Note: This feature currently only works with coupons that have the Additional Promotions action type (ie: not Magento core action types).


The promotion "Buy t-shirt, get short for free!" is applicable using the coupon code "buy_tshirt_get_short". The customer adds one t-shirt to his cart. He than goes and applies the coupon "buy_tshirt_get_short" in his cart. The coupon is invalid, since there are no shorts in the cart. The Upsell Cart Hint will show up in cart, telling "Add one short to cart. Then try applying the coupon again. You should get the short for free!"

BOGO - Buy One, Get One

The BOGO promotion is one of the most popular among merchants.

It lets the customer to buy one product and get another for free. Other variations of BOGO are - Buy two Get one free, Buy three Get one free, Buy one Get one half off, Buy one Get two with discount, Buy X Get multiple of Y for free and more.

Using the extension you can create all of the variations above and more.

Define the amount of X that the customer should buy, in order to get Y for free. Give a percentage discount on Y instead of giving it for free. Give special price to Y instead of giving a discount.


  • Buy a phone, get a charger.
  • Buy 2 T-shirts, get a short with 50% discount.
  • Buy 3 pencils, get a notebook for 1$.

Extended BOGO

If the regular BOGO is not flexible enough for you, and you need to create advanced BOGO promotion, the extended BOGO might be a solution for you.

The extended BOGO includes the possibilities of BOGO and more. It allows you to condition the free product on buying a combination of different products. That is, the customer needs to buy X and Y in order to get Z.

More complex combinations are possible - Buy N amount of X, M amount of Y and K amount of Z, and get P amount of W with 20% discount / for free / for 10$ / with 5$ discount.

  • Buy 2 T-shirts and 1 short - Get a jacket for free!
  • Buy 1 jacket and 1 pant - Get 10% discount on up to 2 T-shirts or tanks.
  • Buy 3 notebooks and 4 pens - get up to 10 rulers for 1$ each.

Product Bundled Discount

Merchants often use the product bundled discount to increase the average sale value, and to improve sales of unpopular products.

The core Magento has the functionality of bundle products out of the box, but it is not flexible enough. The native Magento bundle product allows you to define a bundle product that consists of other products. There are a lot of cases when the core Magento bundle product is not flexible enough for the merchant needs.

Sometimes the merchants want to sell any product from category A with any product from category B for X$ - it is impossible with core Magento.

X, Y and Z can be defined by any possible condition - it can be product category, attribute or even product price in cart. Ie: T-shirts, red shoes, books over 10$.


  • Get 10% discount on buying 2 best seller books + 1 classics book.
  • Buy 4 T-shirts + 1 short + 1 pant for 100$ only.
  • Get 5$ discount on buying 10 notebooks and 5 pens.

Quantity Step - Each N, 1+1, 2+3

Create quantity step discounts to increase the sales of specific item. That is, define discounts like - each Nth product from category A is for Free, 1+2 on certain product type, 3 for 2 promotion, and more.

The quantity steps promotion focuses on products from the same group. Unlike BOGO promotion, which is intended for different product types.

Define a group of products using the flexible rule engine, and create promotions on those groups. That is, you can use categories, attributes and more, to define your product group - eg: books, green T-shirts, skirts from the new collection. Once you defined the group, create the quantity step promotion - each Nth, 1+2, each third with 50% discount.


  • Buy a book and get 2 more books with 50% discount.
  • 1+1 on all T-Shirts.
  • But 5 pencils for full price. Afterwards get each third pencil for free.
  • Buy 2 shorts and get 3 more shorts for 1$ each.

Get Y$ on each X$ spent

Give your customers the feeling that their money costs more in your store, because every X$ of your customer is now worth Y$ more!

Customers might get tired from the classical percentage discounts and coupons. Therefore, you might want to use "Get Y$ on each X$ spent" to refresh your customers mind, and get them back into buying. It is also a great tool to increase your average order amount, because it encourages the customer to spend increments of X$.

The Additional Promotion extension makes it possible for you to define "Get Y$ on each X$ spent" rule on every possible product group, using the flexible rule engine.


  • Get 1$ on each 10$ spent on T-Shirts.
  • Get 2$ on each 5$ spent on any item in the website.

Discount steps

An innovative promotion type that encourages your customer to buy more from a certain product type or group.

Offer your customers first N products with X% discount (or full price), next M products with Y% discounts and all of the next with Z% discount / 10$ discount / special price of 20$.

You can also use this promotion to define tier prices on categories - Buy 5 first products for 5$ each, next 7 products for 3$ each.


  • Buy the cheapest T-shirt for full price, next 1 with 10% discount, and all the next with 20% discount.
  • Buy 2 shorts with 1$ discount, next 2 with 2$ discount.
  • Buy first 3 pencils for 2$, and all next for 1$ only.

Category Tiers

Define fixed prices or a discount on products from the same group or type. That is, create a promotion that encourages the customer to buy a specific amount of a product, to get a certain price or discount.


  • Buy 5 T-shirts for 50$ only.
  • Get 20% discount on buying 3 shorts.
  • Get 5$ discount on each 5 pens that you buy.

Cheapest / Most Expensive

Make your customer happy by discounting the cheapest / most expensive of his / her items in cart.

You can define conditions on the item that is being discounted. For example - the cheapest item in cart that belongs to category A.


  • The cheapest T-shirt in cart for free.
  • The most expensive watch in cart with 5% discount. (Conditioned on buying at least 3 watches)

Get discount after M items added

Condition the discount on purchasing some amount of products for a full price.

Encourage your customers to buy some amount of products for a full price, by offering them a discount on the subsequent products of the same group.

That is, create coupons like - get 10% discount on products from category A, only after adding M of them for the full price.


  • Every T-shirt for 5$, after adding at least 3 for the full price.
  • Buy 2 books for the full price, get the subsequent ones with 20% discount.

Use customer attributes in the rule condition

You can use any customer attribute in the rule condition - email, date of birth, registration date and more.

Show your customers an individual approach by defining promotions and coupons that are built especially for them.

For example, offer free New York time papers to customers who live in New York. Send coupons to customers who have a birthday today. Reward the customers who have been registered for at least 3 years in your store, and more.


  • All customers who's email contains @gmail.com.
  • All customers who was born earlier than 1/1/1980.
  • All customers who has been registered to the website after 2/3/2017.

Use custom options in rules

Define conditions on custom options of the products. That is, create shopping cart rules based on custom options of the products.

Encourage your customers to buy more expensive products, by offering them a discount on the more expensive product options.

That is, create a promotion that gives N% discount on the product, only if certain custom option is selected.


  • Get 10% discount on items with custom option Zip Type = Gold.
  • Get 1+1 on all T-shirts with custom option Logo = Apple.

Discount breakdown

Display the discount breakdown in the cart. Choose the type of breakdown you prefer, and whether it should be collapsed by default. You can also disable the breakdown if you want to.

Detailed breakdown is an awesome tool to help your customer understand what discounts have been applied in his / her cart. Understanding the exact discounts / coupons that were applied in cart, will amplify customer's happiness, and decrease his / her chances of abandoning the cart.

Breakdown types:

  • Rule labels and product names - will show the rule label and the affected products.
  • Comprehensive breakdown - will explain the discount using simple human language.
  • Rule labels - will only show the rule name.

Additional Features

  • Skip products that have tier / special / catalog rule price.
  • Limit the maximum discount amount per rule.
  • Mass delete promotions through the rules grid - the extension adds a delete mass action functionality in the cart rules grid. That is, you can now delete old / redundant promotions and coupons directly through the grid.

Easy rules creation

It is very easy to create sophisticated promotions using the extension.

The rules engine is very intuitive, and all you need to do is to fill the gaps. Therefore, the learning curve for the extension usage is very small.

The Additional Promotion extension makes any complex promotion creation easy and fun.

Display a popup on first customer visit

Display a popup announcing the customer about an ongoing promotion. This popup will only show up once, on the first customer visit in the website.

You can define a popup image per promotion. The system then will display all the popup images of the active promotions (the ones without coupon codes), one by one, ordered by their priority.

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