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We are a proud member of ExtDN!

Sep 19, 2019
by Sveta Oksen
About Us

We are super excited to announce that we are now a part of ExtDN.

By joining ExtDN, we hope to improve the quality of our extensions further, get some insights about good development practices from other extension developers, and to contribute to the Magento ecosystem.

What is ExtDN?

ExtDN stands for Extension Developers Network. It is a network that consists of extension developers and their supporters. There are currently more than 20 members in ExtDN and more are about to join.

ExtDN was founded in 2015 by Kristof Ringleff from Fooman, with the vision of making the Magento extensions world a better place. That is, ExtDN aims to improve the quality of the extensions, their interoperability, and the ease of installation and use.

The ExtDN roadmap is very dynamic, so any other ideas of improvement of the extensions ecosystem are always welcome.

How does ExtDN help merchants?

As Kristof writes in his blog post Everything you need to know about ExtDN - “Like many developers, I've been growing increasingly frustrated with how the Magento extension market has evolved”. He says that even though he is pleased about the growth of Magento, he is highly frustrated with the way the extension market has evolved.

The reason for that is that the extension market has become a wild west. Many unknown extension developers showed up, and at the time when ExtDN was established, there was no way for Magento merchants to check their quality and reliability.

Magento helped in solving this problem with the establishment of the Magento Marketplace in 2016. And it was indeed very successful because Magento Marketplace employs a QA team that tests the extensions and gives some peace of mind to the merchants who buy them.

By that time, ExtDN was already active and set itself many new goals. Apart from helping the merchants finding reliable extensions providers, it was pushing to improve their members’ code quality by enhancing the existing Magento code sniffer with their own code sniffer.

ExtDN also helped establish a group that can communicate with Magento representing the extensions’ developers and defending their interests. This way, extensions developers can focus on developing quality extensions and healthy competition. And for the merchants it means - better extensions and better prices.

Our vision as a member of ExtDN

We believe that being part of ExtDN will help us to improve our extensions and customer services.

We plan to review the code of our extensions according to the ExtDN Dos and coding standards. That includes implementing installation via composer in all our extensions, increasing the code coverage by tests and running the ExtDN code sniffer on the code of our extension.

We also plan to team up with the other members of ExtDN and test our extensions together. If there are conflicts between the extensions, we plan to fix them.

Excited about the future

We are super excited about our future, since in the upcoming year, we are planning to bump up the quality of our extensions and customer services.

We believe that by doing this, we will contribute to the success of our customers and other Magento merchants.