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How to contact the Facebook Messenger support

Jun 26, 2019
by Mexbs Team
Facebook and Instagram

Facebook settings can be frustrating

Setting up your Facebook Ads, Business Manager permissions, Facebook Shop, or trying to enable the Instagram shopping feature can be highly frustrating. That is due to the crazy complexity of Facebook settings.

You may find yourself checking the configurations again and again, but everything seems to look OK. Therefore you don’t understand why Instagram shopping is not getting activated, or your Ad is not being published.

To solve the issue, it can be helpful to talk to Facebook Messenger support.

Facebook Messenger support

Facebook messenger support is a support team that communicates over the Facebook messenger.

The messenger support team can help you to find errors in the settings of your Ads, Business Manager, Facebook page, Facebook shop, and the settings needed to enable Instagram shopping feature.

Steps to contact the Facebook Messenger support

To contact the Facebook messenger support go to https://www.facebook.com/business/help and click on the "Get started" -

Facebook Business manager help center - topic selection screen

Afterward, click on the topic that is closest to your issue. For example, if you are having trouble setting up your Facebook shop or the Instagram shopping feature, click “Business Pages”.

Afterward, you should be able to see the icon “Chat with a representative”, click on it:

The link

A form should open up, fill it:

The form Facebook asks to fill before the chat with the support starts

Click on “Start Chat”. The following screen should show up, asking you if it’s OK to proceed with the given user:

Facebook Messenger asks for login

After clicking “Continue as …” - the chat should start within a few minutes -

The messenger screen with a new conversation with the support

How helpful is the Facebook messenger support?

The helpfulness of Facebook messenger support depends on the support representative.

Unfortunately, from our experience, most of the Facebook messenger support representatives are rude and impatient. Therefore we highly advise you not to take it personally.

We had cases where the representative kept pasting the answer template, saying that it is not his responsibility to help us in this specific case.

However, not all of the representatives are like that.

One customer of ours told us that he tried to contact the support three times regarding an Instagram shopping issue. After two failing attempts, the third support person helped him to escalate the matter up to the engineering team - and the issue got resolved (a true miracle!).

Summing up

Now when you know how to contact them - Facebook messenger support can help you resolve Facebook-related issues. However, be aware that it sometimes requires patience to get to the right representative and to get your issue resolved.