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Get your eShop ready for the 4th of July!

Jul 3, 2018
by Sveta Oksen
SEO and Marketing

Millions of Americans are going to celebrate US independence day on the 4th of July, and it is a great opportunity for the eCommerce store owners to make few more sales.

Americans spend a lot on Foods and Beverages

According to CNBC, in 2017, Americans were expected to spend $7 billion on cookouts and other celebrations: In 2016 $1.4 billion was spent on meat, $1 billion on beer and $568 million on wine. $800 million were spent on fireworks, according to USAToday.

Therefore, we believe that online retailers that sell food, beverages or fireworks should start spreading coupons of plain discounts few weeks before the 4th of July. This can be done through various channels, but the best will probably be social networks – Facebook post, Instagram upload or a tweet on Twitter, targeting the middle class Americans. If your crowd reach is small, you can try boosting your post.

Retailers who sell barbecue equipment should start promoting their goods even earlier, as it takes time to plan, purchase, deliver and install the equipment.

What to do if you are not a Food or Beverages Retailer?

If you are not selling food, beverages, fireworks or barbecue equipment, your mission is harder. However, according to USNews, 48 million Americans were estimated to be shopping for “Red, White and Blue” decorations, apparel and party supplies in 2015. Therefore, online apparel, clothing and accessories retailers can benefit from 4th of July sales rush, by creating plain or advanced discounts on “Red, White and Blue” items, or offering those items within BOGO or Bundled Discount offers.

If you sell goods that are not any of the above, you still can offer discounts to attract celebrating buyers. Since Americans are aware of upcoming discounts in online stores for 4th of July, some of them are very likely to go online shopping around those days. So even if your merchandise is not directly related to the US Independence day theme, you should still create and advertise 4th of July discounts.

A Patriotic Gift might do it!

A nice idea for all retailers can be to automatically add an American flag to the cart if the customer is American. As there were $3.6 million spent on American flags in 2014, we believe that msot of the American customers will be flattered by this gesture.

To sum up, every online retailer can gain from the 4th for July. By creating and advertising the right promotions on the right time, you can create good sales and gain some new customers.