Google Invisible Recaptcha

Magento 2

Integrate the Google Invisible Recaptcha on your Magento 2 website, to protect your website from bots, without causing site abandonment.

  • Lifetime support
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 100% open source

Use the power of Google Invisible Recaptcha in your website

Google Invisible Recaptcha allows you to protect the forms in your website from a bot attack.

Once installed, the Recaptcha logo will show up, giving a feeling of safety to your visitors.

Avoid website abandonmet with the Invisible Recaptcha

The recaptcha is invisible, and will only show up in the case that it suspects that the user is a bot. This prevents website abandonment.

Once showed up, the recaptcha will display human friendly questions, making it easy for the user to prove that he is not a bot.

Use reCaptcha in your admin panel

The extension adds the reCaptcha protection on the admin login page, and the admin forgot password pages. This way, it helps preventing brute force attacks on your admin panel.

Monitor the Recaptcha activity using the logs grid

The extension logs all the Recaptcha activity and displays it in the grid. This way you can see how much bots and real people passed and failed the recaptcha, where are they coming from and at what times. You can easily delete the logs using the mass action.

Choose the reCaptcha theme

The extension allows you to choose between the reCaptcha light and dark themes. This way, the reCaptcha logo and its interface will match your website design the best.

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