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Each N Promotion M2

Each N Promotion

Each N Promotion

Create Each N, N+M promotions, use customer attributes in rules conditions, and more
Compatibility: Magento CE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

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Number of Licenses: 1

Free updates

30 days money
back guarantee

Free installation

Lifetime Support

100% Open Source


Create Each N and N+M promotions and coupons, using the cart price rules.

Each N promotion extension allows you to set up a discount on every Nth product. It also allows you to set up N+M promotions. Eg: 1+1, 1+2, 2+3. And more!

The extension adds the each N / N+M promotion to the shopping cart price rules. It makes it possible to create a variety of promotions:

  • Use flexible conditions to define what products the promotion is applicable for.
  • Use 3 types of discounts - Percentage, Fixed Discount and Fixed Price.
  • Apply the discount only after that certain amount of products was purchased for the full price.

Rule Example #1

Each third t-shirt with 50% discount!

Rule Example #2

2+2 on shorts

Rule Example #3

Get $10 discount on each forth pair of pants

Rule Example #4

Get 1+1 on bags, after adding 2 for a full price

Rule Example #5

Each third watch for $10

Upsell Cart Hints

Display hint messages in cart, telling the customer what steps he needs to perform in order to get his discount.

When running a promotion in your store, it is very important to be able to hint the customer along the way about how to accomplish the promotion. Using the "Upsell Cart Hints" functionality, you can easily do this.

The feature allows you to hint the customer about the promotions. It is also able to hint the customer when some of the Magento core conditions are not met, in order to complete his discount.

Example #1

The ongoing promotion is "2+1 on t-shirts". The customer adds one t-shirt to his cart. The Upsell Cart Hint will show up in cart, telling "Add one more t-shirt, to get the next t-shirt for free!"

Example #2

The ongoing promotion is "Buy for $100 all over the store, to get 20% discount on bags!". The customer adds a watch worth of $55 to his cart. The cart subtotal is now $55. The Upsell Cart Hint will show up in cart, telling "Add $45 worth more products, to get 20% discount on bags!"

Example #3

The ongoing promotion is "Each third watch for $10". The customer adds 2 watches to cart. The Upsell Cart Hint will show up in cart, telling "You can now add another watch for $10 only!"

Display cart hints on invalid coupon

Display hint message in cart, once an invalid coupon was applied by the customer. The hint will tell the customer what actions he needs to perform to make his coupon applicable.

Often happens that the customer applies a coupon in his cart, forgetting something small to make it work. The customer than will get the misleading message "The coupon code is not valid." Using the "cart hints on invalid coupon" feature, the customer will get a hint message, guiding him about what items he needs to add to cart, in order to make the coupon work.


The promotion "Get $10 discount on each forth pair of pants" is applicable using the coupon code "forth-pants10". The customer adds 2 pairs of pants to his cart. He than goes and applies the coupon "forth-pants10" in his cart. The coupon is invalid, since there should be at least 4 pairs of pants in the cart, in order to get the discount. The Upsell Cart Hint will show up in cart, telling "Add one more pair of pants to cart. Then try applying the coupon again. You should get the pair of pants with $10 discount!"

Display a popup on first customer visit

Display a popup announcing the customer about an ongoing promotion. This popup will only show up once, on the first customer visit in the website.

You can define a popup image per promotion. The system then will display all the popup images of the active promotions (the ones without coupon codes), one by one, ordered by their priority.

Use customer attributes in the rule condition

You can use any customer attribute in the rule condition - email, date of birth, registration date and more.

Approach your customers individually by defining promotions and coupons that are built especially for them.

For example, offer free New York time papers to customers who live in New York. Send coupons to customers who have a birthday today. Reward the customers who have been registered for at least 3 years in your store, and more.


  • All customers who's email contains @gmail.com.
  • All customers who was born earlier than 1/1/1980.
  • All customers who has been registered to the website after 2/3/2017.

Use customer order history in the rule condition

Give your customers discounts according to their purchase history. It is a great way to acknowledge the loyalty of your customers, and reward them for their activity in your store.

For example, give coupons with discounts to the customers who completed 10 sales this year.

It is also a great way to implement customer retention programs. For example, give coupons to the customers who didn't buy for last half year, but were active a year ago.

You can use order statuses and totals to define the exact conditions on the customer order history.


  • Customers who have at least 2 paid orders from the last 10 days.
  • Customers who have at least 1 shipped order.

Use custom options in rules

Define conditions on custom options of the products. That is, create shopping cart rules based on custom options of the products.

Encourage your customers to buy more expensive products, by offering them a discount on the more expensive product options.

That is, create a promotion that gives N% discount on the product, only if certain custom option is selected.


  • Get 10% discount on items with custom option Zip Type = Gold.
  • Get each second product for which the customer chose Zip Type - Gold, with 50% discount

Discount breakdown

Display the discount breakdown in the cart. Choose the type of the breakdown that you prefer, and whether it should be collapsed by default. You can also disable the breakdown if you want to.

Detailed breakdown is an awesome tool to help your customer understand what discounts have been applied in his / her cart. Understanding the exact discounts / coupons that were applied in the cart, will amplify customer's happiness, and decrease his / her chances of abandoning the cart.

Breakdown types

  • Rule labels and product names - will show the rule label and the affected products. Example: 2+2 on shorts: Gwen Drawstring Bike Short, Sybil Running Short
  • Comprehensive breakdown - will explain the discount using a simple human language. Example: Got Gwen Drawstring Bike Short and Sybil Running Short for free
  • Rule labels - will only show the rule name. Example: 2+2 on shorts

Additional Features

  • Skip products that have tier / special / catalog rule price.
  • Limit the maximum discount amount per rule.
  • Mass delete promotions through the rules grid - the extension adds a delete mass action functionality in the cart rules grid. That is, you can now delete old / redundant promotions and coupons directly through the grid.

Easy rules creation

It is very easy to create sophisticated promotions using the extension.

The rules engine is very intuitive, and all you need to do is to fill the gaps. Therefore, the learning curve for the extension usage is very small.

The Each N Promotion extension makes any complex promotion creation easy and fun.

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